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RWP Capital International is a leading Proprietary Trading firm, trading our flagship Infinitus system with our own capital. With an unyielding mentality throughout the past 3 decades, our Founder, Raymond Phua created the Infinitus system, which created astronomical returns that is unseen and unheard of in the industry.

Navigating through unpredictable markets while maintaining a clear focus can be tough. With the aid of the system, RWP Capital International will pave the way through tough times ensuring a smoother trading journey.

Superior Performance

Our Capability.

Many factors contributes to performance, and we have identified them to allow us to constantly improve and outperform many others in the same industry. Our verified records on Myfxbook put our confidence on display.


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Superior performance is undoubtedly an important goal, but how it was achieved is just as important. At RWP Capital International, we take a disciplined approach to deploying our capital. It means that we do not take on the risk that compromises our integrity for short-term gain. Instead, we analyze and spot high-quality trading opportunities that generate sustainable performance, thus achieving long-term goals.

The INFINITUS System, created by the founder, Raymond W. Phua, is one of the most dynamic and versatile trading systems obtained from 3 decades of trading experience. It is not created from algorithmic calculations and therefore does not require constant optimizing to sustain its accuracy.

INFINITUS can detect areas of confluence to avoid market whipsaws by utilizing accurately defined targets and stops that adapts to all financial instruments in any trading environment, regardless of volatility from global events

Incorporating the use of complex and diversified, automated, and manual strategies with various risk setups, the system is capable of giving us a peace of mind while trading.

Leadership Team

Our Executive Committee determines the company’s strategic direction and oversees the broad scope of our operations.

Raymond Phua

Raymond Phua


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